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A year ago, Licata became the fourth member of a group of garden bloggers with an attitude. Garden Rant one of my favorites: A blend of gossip, news, crusade and, yes, raw rant, it blows the cobwebs out of gardening's mustier corners.

–Adrian Higgins,
Washington Post

... co-curators Elizabeth Licata and Amy Cappellazzo have magnificently transcended the limitations of what is, at bottom, a show of books. ...Preciousness—the bane of such exhibitions—is nowhere in evidence.

–Richard Huntington,
Buffalo News

"Garden Walk Buffalo: A Celebration of Urban Gardens," is a tour guide into dozens of gardens during the annual event held the last full weekend in July. It's knowingly written by Buffalo Spree editor Elizabeth Licata, and packed with gorgeous photographs...

–Mark Sommer,
Buffalo News

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Christy Rupp: The Landscape Within

Christy Rupp: The Landscape Within was a site-specific installation for the Castellani Art Museum of Niagara University with sculptor Christy Rupp. For years, Rupp has been making sculptural objects that, with considerable wit and ingenuity, address the ongoing relationship between humans and the natural environment. Recently, she has turned to the microscopic world, creating a series of steel/paper sculptures that take the form of viruses, bacteria, microbes, and chemical compounds. These sculptures were installed in the Castellani Museum's Main Exhibition Hall, fully covering the 20 by 60 feet back wall (see below). Viewers were provided with handouts that allowed them to match the colorful sculptures with the virus, bacteria, or chemical compound they depicted. The show was accompanied by a brochure with an essay by Chris Kraus.

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