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A great site for cutting edge fiction & poetry.

Dreaming Methods.com

If you're looking for terrific digital fictions, this is the place to go.


A portal site to Chris Joseph's eclectic and engaging work in digital writing and multimedia. An excellent site and resource.


Jim Andrews' site containing his extensive collection of ground-breaking online works (check out his interactive audio pieces!), plus a links page with hypertext and sound works resources on the web.


For informative viewpoints and relevant resources about media study, go to Michael Niman's site at MediaStudy.com.

Electronic Literature Directory

The Electronic Literature Directory (courtesy of The Electronic Literature Organization) is a great place to find authors, websites, and other resources related to electronic literature. Start your search here!


A Buffalo, NY (USA) site with an online art gallery, links to local artists, and more. A good local resource in the arts.


This site is rich in design and text, with a lot of interesting work in areas concerning co-operative e-texts and story-telling.


Poeticanet is focussed on poetry and e-lit, visually well-done, and committed to the art form. The site "aspires to build a bridge of communication between greek poets and poets from all over the world."


A good resource for new media: current online work, TAGALLERY exhibitions, zines, artist calls, and more.


Steve Himmer's unusual combination of blog, visual nature preserve, writings, and commentaries/links on new media, architecture, folklore, and the list goes on...


François Coulon's temporary home for his innovative and impressive work "The Reprover." This is an ambitious project with some subtle humor and truly avant-garde approaches toward digital fiction.


The artwork of Barry Smylie, including his impressive Systemic series.

http://smgct.typepad.com/spinning and http://smgct.typepad.com/hypercompendia

Susan Gibb's two ( and counting!) blogs, the first about "reality and reading" and the second about new media and hypertext reading and writing. Her Hypercompendia is definitely worth a look and promises to be (if it isn't already) an authoritative overview/critique of hypertext.


A terrific resource for artists in all media who want to promote their work, find exhibition opportunities, learn more about career options, and meet other artists. A strong social networking component--including portfolio spaces for artists--complements this growing site.


Edward Picot's site offers a variety of stories, both child-friendly and for older readers, using an often enchanting combination of text and images.


In addition to the great URL, Jayne Fenton Keane writes, and performs, some really hip and driving slam poetry, plus she creates Flash works and promotes spoken and written poetry in a variety of interesting ways. You can find this, and more (also at http://poetsinresidence.ning.com/).


Steve Ersinghaus is a poet and hypertext/hypermedia writer who, among many other works, recently published100 Days, where he wrote a poem a day for, yes, 100 days (the book includes watercolors by Carianne Mack). His website at http://steveersinghaus.com is a "weblog on teaching, new media, spaces, and other arts," and a good place to find links to his works, emerging media, and his take on an eclectic array of topics.


Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center is the birthplace for such art luminaries as Diane Bertolo, Charles Clough, Nancy Dwyer, Robert Longo, Cindy Sherman, and Michael Zwack. The tradition in excellence continues with exhibitions and performaces by local, national, and international filmmakers, musicians, net artists, media artists, writers, and performance artists. You can see listings and more at Hallwalls' website at http://www.hallwalls.org.



Publishers of their own books and some Gutenberg Project works with fresh, attractive packaging, BLACKBIRDEBOOKS has an interesting publishing strategy that aims to get new voices out on the web and also include classics that might not get the kind of play they deserve. They also have a blog at http://uk-ebookblog.blogspot.com which is dedicated to ebooks and emerging forms on the web.


English For New Media

A far-ranging blog on electronic literature and new media, with some good tips and strategies for student engagement.



Michael Maguire's blog on creative technology and technological creativity covers a lot of ground from electronic literature to new media research to Digital Humanities to mainstream entertainment to personal narratives... And the list goes on. You name it, he covers it, and it's worth the read.



A blog by Judith Wickham (UAB, Bellaterra Campus, Barcelona, Spain) that explores twenty topics through listenings, readings, videos, and images for language acquisition. The blog's reading, writing, grammar, live radio (and the list goes on of) resources are eclectic and worth the visit. A nicely interactive site.