Facts about UFOs... "UFO" is an acronym created in 1952 by Captain Edward J. Ruppelt, who headed Project Blue Book, the U.S. Air Force official investigation into the UFO phenomenon... A UFO sighting occurs somewhere on the planet every three minutes--ninety percent are identified, but ten percent remain unidentified... UFOs have been seen by Presidents, astronauts, airline pilots, miltary pilots, naval personel, and ordinary people worldwide... UFOs have been photographed, filmed, videotaped, and tracked on radar... 1 in 7 Americans say that they, or someone they know, have had an "encounter" with a UFO... Hundreds of thousands of unexplained sightings have been reported all around the world, many of which were documented or photographed... A Gallup poll in 1996 said that 71 percent of Americans believe the government knows more than it is telling us about UFOs... The Air Force had an official UFO investigation from 1948 to 1969 (Projects Sign, Grudge and Blue Book) and collected more than 12,500 reports... A Roper poll in 1991 said that 4 million Americans believe they have been abducted... The first documented UFO sighting is in the Bible. The prophet Ezekiel described a "great cloud with fire enfolding itself, a wheel in the middle of a wheel that descended and fired lightning bolts into the earth"... An incident was reported in Basel, Switzerland, on Aug. 7, 1566... The first photograph of a UFO was taken in 1883 by astronomer Jose Bonilla in Zacatecas, Mexico... Alexander Hamilton reported a cow being kidnapped by an airship in Le Roy, Kan., in April 1897... Winston Churchill reported a strange airship in Kent, England, Oct. 14, 1912. It was the first case of a UFO being "officially" reported.. UFOs were often seen and photographed during NASA space missions in the 1960s... Christopher Columbus saw a UFO on his voyage to the New Land... Data from Paul Ferrughel of the National Sighting Research Center indicates you are most likely to see a UFO between 9 and 10 PM during January... Disk/round UFOs and "other" shapes are reported significantly more often. Deltoid shapes are next most popular followed by Ovals, Lights, Rectangular and Cylinders... Astronaut Gordon Cooper: "I believe that these extraterrestrial vehicles and their crews are visiting this planet from other planets and are obviously more advanced than we are here on earth"... U.S. President Jimmy Carter: "I don’t laugh at people anymore when they say they’ve seen UFOs. I’ve seen one myself"... Gerald R. Ford (while in congress, 1966): "In the firm belief that the American public deserves a better explanation than that thus far given by the Air Force, I strongly recommend that there be a committee investigation of the UFO phenomena. I think we owe it to the people to establish credibility regarding UFOs, and to produce the greatest possible enlightenment of the subject"... A caller on Larry King Live asked Senator Barry Goldwater, "Do you believe that the government is withholding information on UFOs?" Goldwater replied, "Yes I do" (13 October 1988)...


We are the best UFO resource on the web. If you are looking for answers about UFOs, history of the phenomena, case studies, or just some UFO bling, what you need is here.

On this site, you will face the human dramas of escape and abandonment, power and helplessness, the self versus the Other. Once you enter the world of UFOs, you may never leave--our story will always be with you.

who we are

E.A. Howe, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Accredited NICAP UFO Field Investigator; Three-time winner HUFOW UFO Hunter of the Year® award; Reporter/Editor-in-Chief Howe's UFO Weekly. TV and radio appearances: Available on request. contact

Lesley Laurence, B.A., M.A. First Prize 2001 Electro Gravitics Award; 2004 Miss America UFO Explorer award; Fashion Advisor Foreign Bodies TV series; Astrologer-on-Call for Late-Nite and Tell It To The Space Aliens. contact

TXa+∞ {mmK5Å} (AKA Thomas Holter, M.S.) Accredited NICAP UFO Field Investigator; Astral traveler; Eye Doctor to the Alien Stars®; Winner International Galaxy® Exotic Science Award; Scientific Advisor PIUP (Presidential Investigation into the UFO Phenomena). contact


FAQs about UFOs

What does "UFO" stand for?

Some people say "UFO" stands for the "Universal Fools Organization," but that's just cynical. In reality, it stands for "Unidentified Flying Object." However, if you ask us, "object" is misleading. These are aliens we are seeing--E.T., extraterrestrial biological entities, little green men, men from outer space, space inhabitants, beings from beyond and not of this earth.

Whether you think of them as objects or aliens, UFOs just might change your life.

Do UFOs actually exist?

Do UFOs exist? Instead, ask the question, "Are there any unidentified objects in my own life? My job? My family?" Look in the mirror. What do you see? If you are a stranger to yourself, then you are an Unidentified Family Object. The only important alien is the one in your mirror.

Pay close attention to your reflection. Within it lies the key to who you are.


Answers (cont.)


Does their technological advantage mean that aliens are smarter than us?

Keep calm. The mantra we should be saying over and over again is, "I am a human/All humans are brilliant/Therefore, I am brilliant." We are survivors. That says something about how smart we are. To survive, you've got to be smart. Otherwise, we'd be dead by now.

If I want to be abducted, can I call the aliens on a telephone, or do they have to call me first?

So you want to be abducted. Your life's a mess, you're going nowhere, and you've never been anyplace to begin with. If aliens were to abduct me (you're thinking), I'd be going places. I'd be a somebody in a world of nobodies. The answer to your problems is not relocation, it's relaxation. You need to relax. Grab a beer, put your feet up, and watch some TV. There's bound to be a show about some poor sucker who's worse off than you. Celebrate his failures. Applaud his embarrassments. Laugh at his insecurities. You'll feel a lot better, and no one gets hurt. So no, you can't call the aliens on the telephone. They have to call you, and if you're a loser, they won't.

Are aliens insane?

Yes, aliens are certifiable. They are completely, utterly over-the-top insane. After all, they've spent their whole life in outer space.


Answers (cont.)


Have we ever captured a UFO?

People talk of Roswell, Kecksburg, and Shag Harbor, but here at the ABCs of UFOs, the question we like to ask is not have we ever captured a UFO, but have they captured us. Imagine for a moment that Roswell is true. An alien craft did crash in New Mexico and was recovered complete with alien corpses and, as the story goes, one survivor. Every report of alien encounters confirms they have the ability to control minds, so humans are like clucking chickens in a hypnotist's carnival show. Did the alien simply mesmerize the recovery team, then the base where it was taken, and then everyone else who came into contact with it? Are our top secret "Black" projects being run by humans under the control of a single alien? We are not talking about captured UFOs here. We are talking about captured humanity.

What do I do if I see a UFO?

Here at the ABCs of UFOs, we believe in leaving the difficult jobs to the experts. If you see a UFO, contact us. We don't care where you live, we'll drop by with our well-calibrated instruments specially designed for UFO location, contact, and identification. We are polite, well-funded, and inconspicuous. If there is a UFO around, we will find it. In the meantime, with the experts on the way, you can have some fun. Pull up a seat, pop a brewskie, and watch the UFO. Admire its speed and agility. See its pretty colors. Measure its size against your thumb held up to the sky. Wave your arms at them--they won't care. You're as small and insignificant as a bug.


Answers (cont.)


Did the Nazi's build a flying saucer?

Absolutely, emphatically, decidedly NOT. The Nazis were not into flying saucers. They were into rockets, planes, and submarines. Anything circular or square (i.e. not phallic) was non-Aryan and not worth having. Unless it was a tank.

I think my mother is an alien. What should I do?

First of all, if your mother is truly an alien, that means you're the spawn of an alien. Other than the horror factor (which is pretty high for us) and our knee-jerk revulsion at the genealogy involved, we'd still like to interview you. Please contact us at our Denver office: The ABCs of UFOs, Interviews, 56 New Gravitics Street, Denver, CO 80002.

Are UFOs built by extraterrestrials, or are they human-made?

The short answer is yes, and yes. Or maybe, and maybe. Or yes, and no. Or no, and yes. Or no, and no. And everything in between.


ufo bling

We've got some of the best UFO bling on the web. Just CONTACT US—we guarantee 100% satisfaction or your money back! (Click on the product for its description).


Are you related to aliens? Do you think you might be?

Using patented A.G.T. (Alien Genealogy Technology®), Betsy will trace your family roots to their origins among the stars and distant planets. There is no place too far, or alien relative too deep in your past, where she will not find your ancestry using proven scientific methods.

NOTE: For the A.G.T. test, we will need a sample of your blood. Please use a qualified physician for this mandatory procedure.

Translation of Alien Messages

Been getting messages from aliens? Think they might be coordinates for a rendezvous, a love note from a potential mate, or warnings of an earth invasion? Whether in your head or in your neighbor's crop circles, Alex will translate those puzzling messages for you.

* Translation office open 24/7
* Transcriptions in English or the language of your choice
* Gender-free use of pronouns
* No U.S. government involvement—you get the only copy!

Future Life Regression:

Think you might be destined for greatness in the afterlife? Using his patented After-Life® hypnotic techniques, Carl gives you a glimpse of your future after you die. Don't let failure or dissatisfaction in this life stand in your way: he can show you who you were reborn to be!

* Money-back guarantee
* Free audio file of session
* Past lives also available
* Note: offer good for one lifetime per customer

Alien Removals

An alien has moved into your attic and refuses to leave. Another has telepathically linked with your brain. Our Alien Removals® system will find the uninvited guests and send them packing. Using a combination of radio waves and ultra-high frequency sounds, we will track the alien, capture it, and remove it from your location.

NOTE: You are required to be absent from your home at time of removal. If it is a brain Type II event, some surgery may be necessary. No worries: we are fully insured and bonded.

Want to Date an Alien?

For a small fee, Carl will set you up with the alien male or female of your choice. Reptilian or Gray, Nordic or Hybrid, it doesn't matter to him—just don't kiss and tell! Fill out our Profileeze®, and Carl will do the rest. NOTE: ABCs of UFOs makes no claims as to suitability or long-term prospects of the match.

* Patented gender-detection software
* Chaperones/translators available
* Free coupons to local nightclubs of your choice


The fact is, we've been out there. We've busted over two dozen cases wide open. Some we can't even talk about because they're still classified, but here's a few we can....

In this case, the team spotted a UFO in Stonington harbor, Connecticut. You can't see it because the UFO is hiding under the water, but it's there. We saw it drop down from the sky at tremendous acceleration, stop just above the surface of the water, and then dive underneath. The UFO is definitely there, you just have to take our word for it.

Sightings like this are an article of faith. You have to trust the witnesses because faith in each other is all we have—without it, we're nothing.

In this video, the UFO is invisible and hanging low over a golf course in San Diego, California. Invisibility is common in many sightings and reinforces Alex's theory that UFOs are a tabula rasa for our species, a blank slate upon which our meaning is inscribed but never truly understood. The UFO's invisibility is merely an empty void where we try to find our life's story.

Can you see the streak of light in the sky at the end of the video? That is the trail left by the UFO—a symbol of our ignorance.

Here we have captured a tiny UFO in a box. Betsy wants to free the UFO, but we can not let that happen.

The box, like the UFO itself, is round like a womb. It is pregnant with possibilities: A second chance for humanity. A new world order. A revolution in science and thought. A beginning or an end....

We can't let Betsy open the box. What a chance we would be taking!

In this sequence, Alex actually caught an alien on video. You can see him (do aliens have a gender?), a faint shadow in the closet in the lower-right corner of the mirror. The alien is hiding, but you can just make out the outline of his body. See him? See him move?

He looks like a suit of clothes ready to be worn....

In this case from Cleveland, Ohio, Carl (who narrates) found the UFO—disguised as a church cupola—to be a reflection of our universal longing for religious salvation.

The UFO's clear attempt to blend into its environment also suggests (as Carl points out in his seminal essay "UFOs, Mon Amour") that the aliens know about Freud and his commentary on the phallis. By masquerading as a church cupola, the UFO is telling us they understand that sex for humans has religious significance. They see its historical association with the Church's stance on pre-marital relations which dictates that sex can only be truly orgasmic when blessed by God.

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