The Method Detective

The Method Detective is Wonder Woman, The Mandalorian, or Sam Spade…. But it’s really just Seth.

Recently dumped by his girlfriend, his home life in a shambles, Seth Dittmar distracts himself with any case that comes along: solving the murder of a “dead” conspiracy theorist who is not actually dead; bounty hunting a missing gerbil; finding a lost Alpaca sock; searching for a young woman lost in the fifth dimension….

Seth Dittmar is The Method Detective. And he has methods to solve your mysteries….

The Forever Club

The Forever Club is an ensemble web comedy. Using a mash-up of videos, texts, interactive elements, and visual remnants of social media, the series tells the story of Jordan, Cj, Karen, and Gabe. No matter how strange things get during their unusual and often surreal misadventures, and no matter how strained the moments between them, they remain friends. Forever.

The Forever Club, e2: “Einstein Says” (2018-2019)


An ensemble web comedy using a mash-up of videos, texts, animations, memes, interactive elements, and social media. In this episode, to see if they are real, and not figments of their own imaginations, the friends test themselves and the world around them.

How to Rob a Bank

The misadventures of a young and inexperienced bank robber and his female accomplice. Their story is revealed through the searches, texts, apps, and games they use on their phones.


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