The Forever Club (2018-2019)

An ensemble web comedy using a mash-up of videos, texts, animations, memes, interactive elements, and social media. In this episode, Jordan’s sister is missing, and the friends try to find her. (Click image for Episode #1: “The Blank”)

How to Rob a Bank (2016-2017)

The misadventures of a young and inexperienced bank robber and his female accomplice. Their story is revealed through the searches, texts, apps, and games they use on their phones. (Click image for Episode #1: “Research”)

The Fall (2015)

Three-time winner of the MBPW (Most Boring Person in the World award), John Smith is about to take a radical step into the next phase of his life. (Click image for “The Fall”)

The Shootout (2016)

A western con with your choice of ending. (Click image for “The Shootout”)


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